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To Make Good Resbones

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To make good Resbones. Take a quart of fine flowre, lap it vpon a faire boord and make a hoale in the middest of the flowre with your hande, and put a spoonefull of Ale yeast thereon, and ten yolkes of egges, & two spoonefuls of cinamon and one of ginger, and one of cloues and mace, and a quarterne of suger finelye beaten, and a little saffron, & halfe a spoonefull of salt, then take a dishe full of butter, melt it and put it into your flowre, and there withall make your paste as it were for mancheat, and mould it a good while, & cutte it in peeces of the bignesse of Ducks egges, and so mould euerie peece as a mancheat, & make them after the fashion of an inckhorn broad aboue and narrow beneath, then sette them on the Ouen, and let them bake three quarters of an houre, then take two dishes of butter and clarifie it vpon a soft fire, then draw it out of the ouen, and scrape the bottome of them faire and cleane, and cut them ouerthwart in foure peeces, and put them in a faire charger, and put your clarified butter vppon them, and haue cinamon and ginger readie by you, and usger beaten verie small, and mingle altogether, and euer as you set your peeces together, cast some of your suger, cinamon and ginger vpon them, when you haue set them all vp, lay them in a faire platter & put a litle butter vpon them, & cast a little suger on them, & so serue them.


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