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To Make Marmalet Of quinces

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To make Marmalet of Quinces. Take very good Quinces, and pare them and cut them in quarters, then coare them cleane, and take heede it be not a stony Quince, and when you haue pared and cored them, then take two pintes of running water, and put it into a brasse pan, casting away eight spoonefules of one of the pintes, then waigh three pound of fine suger, & beat it, and put it into the water, make your fire where you may haue a good light, not in a chimney, then set on your pan vppon a treeuet, and when your suger and water beginneth to boile, you must skimme it cleane, then put in sixe spoonfuls of rosewater, and if there rise any more skumme, take it of and so put in your three pound of quinces, and so let them boile but softly, and if you see the colour waxe somwhat deepe, now & then with a faire slice bee breaking of them, and when your liquour is well consumed away, and the colour of your quinces to growe fairer, then be still sturring of it, and when it is enough your shall see it rise from the bottom of your pan in stirring of it, and so box it, and yee shall haue it to bee good marmelet and a verie orient colour, if you will you maye put some muske into it some rosewater, and rub your box withall, it will giue it a prety sent, and it is a very good way.


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