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To Make A Florentine

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To make a florentine. Take the kidneis of a loyne of veale that is roasted, and when it is cold shredde it fine, and grate as it were half a Manchette very fine, and take eight yolkes of Egges, and a handfull of currans, and eight dates finely shred, a little senamon, a little ginger a litle suger and a litle salt, and mingle them with the kidneyes, then take a handfull of fine flowre and two yolkes of egges, and as much butter as two egges, and put into your flowre, then take a little seeting licquor, and make your paste and driue it abroad very thinne, then strake your dishe with a little butter, and lay your paste in a dish & fill it with your meate, then drawe an other sheet of paste thinne and couer it withall, cut it handsomly vpon the top, and by the sides, and then put it into the Ouen, and when it is halfe baked drawe it out, and take two or three feathers, and a little rosewater, and wette all the couer with it, and haue a handfull of suger finely beaten, and strawe vpon it, and see that the Rosewater wet in euery place, and so set it in the ouen againe, and that will make a faire ise vpon it, if your Ouen be not hotte inough to reare vp your ise, then put a little fire in the Ouens mouth.


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