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To Bake quinces peares And wardens

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To bake Quinces, Peares and Wardens. Take and pare and coare them, then make your paste with faire water and butter, and the yolke of an egge, then set your Oringes into the paste, and then bake it well, fill your paste almost full with Sinamon, Ginger and Suger. Also Apples must be taken after the same sorte, sauing that whereas the core should be cut out they must be filled with Butter euery one, the hardest Apples are best, and likewise are Peares and Wardens, and none of them all but the wardens may be perboyled, and the Ouen must be of a temperate heat, two houres to stand is enough.


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