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To Boile chickens

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To boile Chickens. First you shall take Chickens and boyle them with grapes and with a racke of Mutton together and let the racke of mutton boyle before the Chickins one howre and a halfe, and then make a bunch of herbs with Rosemarie, Tyme, Sauory and Isope, and also Margerum, and binde them fast together, put them in the pot, and when you see your time put in your Chickyns with Parselie in their bellies and a little sweet butter, vergious, and pepper, & when you have so done, boyle your grapes in a little pipkin by themselues with some of the broth of the Chickins, but take heede you boyle not them too much, nor yet too lyttle, and then take the yolkes of sixe egges and straine them with a little broth of the pot, and when they are strayned put them in the pipkin to the grapes and stirre them and when they begin to boyle take them from the fire and stirre them a good while after you have taken them vp and then haue you Sypets readie in a platter, and laye your meate vppon it, and then take your Pypkins and grapes and all that is in them and poure it vpon the meate. And after this sort serue it in.


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