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To Make broth For One That Is Weake

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To make broth for one that is weake. Take a Legge of veale and set it ouer the fire in a gallon of water skumming it cleane, when you haue so doone put in three quarters of a pounde of small reasons, halfe a pound of prunes, a good handfull of Burrage, as much langdebeefe, as much mints and the like quantitie of harts tongue, let al these seeth together till all the strength of the flesh be sodden out, then straine it so clean as you can, and if you thinke the patient bee in anie heates, put in violet leaues and sauorie as you do with the other hearbes.


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