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To Make White broth With almonds

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To make white broth with Almonds. First looke that your meate be clean washed, and then set it on the fire, and when it boyleth scumme it cleane, and put some salt into the pot, then take rosemarie, time, Isop and margerum, and bind them together, and put them into the pot, and take a dishe of sweete butter, and put it into the pot amondgest your meate, and take some whole mace, and binde them in a clout, and put them into the pot with a quantitie of vergice, and after that take a quantitie of Almondes, as shall serue the turne, blanche them, and beate them in a morter, and then straine them with the broth your meate is in. And when these almondes are strayned put them in a pot by themselues with some Suger, and a little Ginger, and also a little Rosewater, and then stirre it while boyle, and after that take some slyces orenges, without the kernelles, and boyle them with the broth of the pot vpon a chafing dish of coales, with a little suger, and then haue some sippets readie in a platter, and serue the meate vppon them, and put not your Almondes in thill it be ready to be serued.


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