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To Make A pie

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To make a pie. First perboyle your flesh and presse it and when it is pressed, season it with pepper and salt whilest it is hot, then larde it make your paste of Rie flowre: it must bee verye thick, or else it will not hold, when it is seasoned and larded laye it in your pie, then cast on it before you close it a good deale of Cloues and Mace beaten small, and throwe vppon that a good deale of Butter, and so close it vp: you must leaue a hole in the top of the lid, & when it hath stoode two houres in the ouen, you must fill it as full of Vineger as you can, and then stoppe the hole as close as you can with paste, and then set it into the Ouen againe: your Ouen must be very whot as the first, and that your pies will keepe a greate while, the longer you keepe them, the better they will bee: when they bee taken out of the Ouen and almost colde, you must shake them betweene your handes, and set them with the bottome vpwarde, and when you set them into the Ouen, bee well ware that one pye toucheth not an other by more then ones hand bredth: Remember also to let them stand in the Ouen after the vineger be in two houres and more.


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