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To Make A Boyled Meat After The French Waies

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To make a boyled meat after the French waies. Take Pigions and larde them, and then put them on a Broach, and let them be halfe rosted, then take them off the broach, and make a Pudding of sweete hearbes of euerye sorte a good handfull, and chop Oxe white amongst the hearbes very small, and take the yolkds of fiue or sixe egges and grated bread, and season it with Pepper, Sinamon and Ginger, Cloues and Mace, suger, and Currans, and mingle all together, and then put the stuffe on the pigeons round about, and then put the pigeons into the Cabeges that be perboyled, and binde the cabbedge fast to the Pigeons, and then put them into the pot where you meane to boyle them, and put in Beede broth into them, and cabeges chopped small, and so let them boyle, and put in Pepper, cloues, and Mace, and pricke the Pigions full of Cloues before you put the pudding on them, and put a peece of Butter, Synamon, and Ginger, and put a little Vineger and white wine, & so serue them vp, and garnishe them with fruite, and serue one in a dish, and but a little of the broath you must put into the dish when you serue them vp.


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