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capons In Dorre

This is an excerpt from Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)
(England, ca. 1500)
The original source can be found at James L. Matterer's website

Capons in dorre. Blanched almoundes grynd hem temper them vp with fare water un to A goode mylke And draw hit through A streynenor in to A pott do ther to saferon for yf thow wylt thow may cullor hit A litill ther with And put ther to sugure and salte and set hit on the fyre stere hit well and when hit is at the boylyng do ther to A litell goode wyne take hit fro the fyre And stere hit well And then take white brede and cut hit manor of brewes thyn tost them A litell on A rost yrne that thei be sumdele brown And then dyppe hem A litell in wyne And tost hem better and do a litell mylke in dysches and coche .iij. or .iiij. tostes in A dysche And powre more mylke A pon And serue hit forth. probatu est.


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