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For To Seth A pyke

This is an excerpt from Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)
(England, ca. 1500)
The original source can be found at James L. Matterer's website

For to seth a pyke. Kyll hym yn the hede styke and take a handfull of grete salt rub hym tyll the flewme goo fro hym opyn hym at the belly and take owte the refete and take oute the gall and stryppe all the small guttes and cast them a Way and save the grete gutte. Take A fayre clene panne And a quarte of fayre Water take new ale a quarte and a dyshe full of este and take ii. handefull of salt and cast ther yn Take a lityll gynger and synamom and cast þer to rosemary mageron tyme and percelly and a lityll savery and breke all thes herbes in two and cast yn the panne yf he be not Well refete cast yn a lityll suete botter but seth hit.


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