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To Make A Stew Of Flesh

This is an excerpt from Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)
(England, ca. 1500)
The original source can be found at James L. Matterer's website

To make a stew of flesh. To make a stew of flesh yf thy potte be .iiij. gallons do yn A quarte of wyn take fayre befe of the fore loyne or of the hynder loyne and mynsitt and take gode Capons with all Take pepur and gode poder of Cannell and gyngere and rasyns of Corance clowse maces saferon & saunders take þer to onyons percelly sage Rosemary tyme ysope saffery hony clarefyed and a quantite of bryssyd Almondys and put ther to and boyll hit vp but thow nedys to have A fayre of colys for byrnyng And not to grete A fyre but small sokyng fyre And sokyd well in þe stewyng And loke thy pott be well keverd that the hete go not owte in no wyse And thus stew all maner flesh.


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