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To Make Colde mylke Of almoundys

This is an excerpt from Gentyll manly Cokere (MS Pepys 1047)
(England, ca. 1500)
The original source can be found at James L. Matterer's website

To make colde mylke of Almoundys. Do fayre water in a pott And do þer to brokyn suger And for faute ther of clene claryfied hony so that hit be sumdele dosett and do ther to A litill salte set hit on the fyre And when hit ys At the boylyng skeme hit clene And let hit boyle but A whyle then take hit of and let hit kele then blaunce þe Almounds and temper them vp with the same water & streyne hit And make hit A thycke mylke And put ther to A litill Wyne that hit may savor a litill þer of then toste brede & lay hit yn A whyle And then lay hit on the roste yre A gayne so that hit be harde And cowche them on A dyshe And put your mylke And serue hit furth.


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