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.clij. Crustardes Of Flesch.

This is an excerpt from Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at

.Clij. Crustardes of flesch. Take pejouns. chykens. & smale bryddes. smyte hem in gobettes in grece with verjous. Do ther to safroun. make a crust in a traup & pynche hit & cowche the fleysch ther inne. cast ther in raysouns corauns, poudour douce & salt & breke ayroun & wryng hem thorow a cloth & swyng the sewe of the ther with & held hit ther on the flesch. cover hit and bake it wel and serve hit forth.

Original manuscript image: f72r


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