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.cxj. For To Make Flampens.

This is an excerpt from Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at

.Cxj. For to make flampens. Take clene pork & boyle hit tendre & thanne hewe hit smale, & thanne bray hit smale in a morter, take fyges & boyle hem tendre in smal ale and bray hem & tender these ther with, thanne waysche hem in water and thenne bray hem alle to gider with ayroun, thenne take poudour of peper or elles marchaunt & ayroun & a porcioun of safroun & salt, & thenne take blank suger & ayroun & flour & make a past with a rollere, thenne make ther of smale peletes & frye hem browne in clene grece & set hem asyde, than make of that other del of that past long coffyns & do that comade therinne & close hem fayre with a countour & pynche hem smale a boute, thenne kitt above four other .vj. wayes, thenne take every of that kittyng up, & thanne colour hit with yolkes of ayroun & plaunt hem thicke in to the flaumpeuns above ther thou kittest hem & sette hem in an ovene & lat hem bake eselich & thenne serve hem forth.

Original manuscript image: f55r / f55v / f56r


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