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Lv - For To Make A Gely

This is an excerpt from Forme of Cury
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at the Project Gutenberg website

LV - FOR TO MAKE A GELY. Tak hoggys fet other pyggys other erys other partrichys other chiconys and do hem togedere and serh hem in a pot and do hem in flowre of canel and clowys other or grounde do thereto vineger and tak and do the broth in a clene vessel of al thys and tak the Flesch and kerf yt in smal morselys and do yt therein tak powder of galyngale and cast above and lat yt kels tak bronches of the lorer tre and styk over it and kep yt al so longe as thou wilt and serve yt forth.


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