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For To Make Pomme Dorryle And Oþer þnges

This is an excerpt from Forme of Cury
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at the Project Gutenberg website

FOR TO MAKE POMME DORRYLE AND OþER þNGES. XX.VIII. XIIII. Take þe lire of Pork rawe. and grynde it smale. medle it up wiþ powdre fort, safroun, and salt, and do þerto Raisouns of Coraunce, make balles þerof. and wete it wele in white of ayrenn. & do it to seeþ in boillyng water. take hem up and put hem on a spyt. rost hem wel and take parsel ygronde and wryng it up with ayren & a party of flour. and lat erne aboute þe spyt. And if þou wilt, take for parsel safroun, and serue it forth.


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