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Veel In Buknade

This is an excerpt from Forme of Cury
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at the Project Gutenberg website

VEEL IN BUKNADE. C. XVIII. Take fayr Veel and kyt it in smale pecys and boile it tendre in fyne broth oþer in water. þanne take white brede oþer wastel, and drawe þerof a white ... lyour wiþ fyne broth, and do þe lyour to the Veel, & do safroun þerto, þanne take parsel & bray it in a morter & the Juys þerof do þerto, and þanne is þis half zelow & half grene. þanne take a porcioun of wyne & powdour marchant & do þerto and lat it boile wele, and do þerto a litel of vynegur. & serue forth.


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