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For To Make Flaumpeyns

This is an excerpt from Forme of Cury
(England, 1390)
The original source can be found at the Project Gutenberg website

FOR TO MAKE FLAUMPEYNS. C. XIII. Take clene pork and boile it tendre. þenne hewe it small and bray it smal in a morter. take fyges and boile hem tendre in smale ale. and bray hem and tendre chese þerwith. þenne waisthe hem in water & þene lyes hem alle togider wit Ayrenn, þenne take powdour of pepper. or els powdour marchannt & ayrenn and a porcioun of safroun and salt. þenne take blank sugur. eyrenn & flour & make a past wit a roller, þene make þerof smale pelettes. & fry hem broun in clene grece & set hem asyde. þenne make of þat ooþer deel of þat past long coffyns & do þat comade þerin. and close hem faire with a countoer, & pynche hem smale about. þanne kyt aboue foure oþer sex wayes, þanne take euy of þat kuttyng up, & þenne colour it wit zolkes of Ayrenn, and plannt hem thick, into the flaumpeyns above þat þou kuttest hem & set hem in an ovene and lat hem bake eselich. and þanne serue hem forth.


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