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See Here The Lessons Which Teach Preparation Of All Manner Of Meats

This is an excerpt from Enseignements qui enseingnent a apareillier toutes manieres de viandes
(France, ca. 1300 - D. Myers, trans.)
The original source can be found at

See here the lessons which teach preparation of all manner of meats: firstly of all manner of meats and the sauces which are appropriate to them, like pork, veal, mutton, beef; and after of smaller meats, like kid, lamb and piglet; And after of all manner of birds, like capons, hens, geese, domestic and wild ducks; and after of all manner of game birds, like cranes, grouse, herons, moor hens, coots, noncelles, cormorants, partridges, turtledoves, wild hens, plover and all the sauces which are appropriate to them; and after of civeys of chicks, hares and rabbits and of all civeys and brouets, and soups that one is able to make or them; and after of saltwater and freshwater fish and all the sauces which are to be made in all forms.


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