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venison With Sops

This is an excerpt from Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen
(Netherlands, ca. 1510 - C. van Tets, trans.)
The original source can be found at Willy Van Cammeren's website

To make venison [i.e. roast game] with sops. Take roasted game then cut it in neat pieces and you shall lard each piece with speck. Then you shall set it to boil in a pot with meat broth if you have been able to get it and if it is not possible to get it then boil it in its own broth. then take red wine of the best sort that it is possible to get. Take for this cloves and grains of paradise. Crush them and mix them with verjuice and a little vinegar. Now put this to boil altogether; put as much salt in as appropriate or necessary. This roast game should be wild boar.


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