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To Make A Brewet

This is an excerpt from Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen
(Netherlands, ca. 1510 - C. van Tets, trans.)
The original source can be found at Willy Van Cammeren's website

To make a brewet. Take bread, ginger pepper, saffron and grind that together with thin broth of the chickens or of the meat of which you wish to make it. Or take also cumin with it and pass it through a strainer and let it boil with the meat which you wish to have with it and when you take it off [the fire], so take yolks of raw eggs beaten with wine and add them to it. Then stir and mix it well together. You shall pour this over the chickens and let it boil together with the chickens or with the meats which you want in it.


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