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This is an excerpt from Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen
(Netherlands, ca. 1510 - C. van Tets, trans.)
The original source can be found at Willy Van Cammeren's website

To make a mandrice. Take fat hens and boil them all whole in a pot so that they are not pressed down/together. And when they are cooked enough one takes them out; then one takes egg yolks and bread broken up with thin broth and not passed through [a strainer]. One boils this then in the pot with the other broth and lets it boil together until it begins to stiffen. Then one takes the chickens off. One serves [them] dry in the dishes and the broth with the sauce set beside it in dishes or sauce dishes. And if one wants, one makes a sauce from cinnamon, ginger, saffron and a little pepper, with a little bread and that also made with the thin broth. This is complete.


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