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fish jelly

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

81. To make jelly of fish, take your fish - young pike or perch or carp - as you wish, and chop into fair pieces according as you wish, then wash them well and properly and put in a fair and clean frying pan; then take white wine and water, as much of one as of the other, and put them in your frying pan in which is your fish and according to the quantity of fish, and vinegar also in reason, and salt; then put to boil and skim it well and strongly. Then when it is cooked enough take saffron and soak it therein, then draw out your fish onto a fair and clean board and skin it well and properly, then take white ginger, pepper, and a little nutmeg and soak it in your broth, and taste it to see if it has a good taste of vinegar and salt and spices; then take your strainer and make it pass through until it is clear. Then take your fish and arrange a serving dish well and properly and the broth on top.


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