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Rosy Bruet

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

8. And to make rosy bruet he who will be charged with making it should check that he has the quantity of meat in accordance with the quantity which one will want to make, and have the meat and put it to cook cleanly; and, according to the quantity of meat, have almonds well blanched and cleaned, and bray them well and strongly; and, the meat being cooked, put it in fair cornues, and strain the broth well and carefully into other fair cornues. And then take good white ginger, grains of paradise and a little pepper, and strain your almonds and spices with the said broth, and put in what is necessary of wine and verjuice; and, this done, put the said broth to boil in a clean cauldron or pot according to the quantity of broth which there is, and take heed that of all the things mentioned above there is neither too little or too much. And when your broth boils take a good and large, fair and very clean frying pan, and put very good fair and clear oil in and heat it very well; and, it being well heated and boiling, throw in good alkanet which should be well cleaned, and cook it and remove it well and properly, and then strain it well and cleanly through one side of a strainer into fair dishes, and then put it into your broth to the point at which the color of the said broth is closer to rosy than to red. And when it is proper to arrange it for serving, put the meat on fair serving dishes and then put your broth on top.


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