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A Green Purée

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

69. Again, a green purée for the sick made of spinach and parsley: and to give understanding to him who will make it let him arrange that he has good and fair spinach and parsley according to the quantity which he ought to make of the said purée and let him clean and wash them very well, then put them to boil; and, being boiled enough, let him draw them out onto fair and clean boards and chop them very small and drain them well; and then he should have a fair, clear, and clean pot and put them in to sauté in a little salt and as much good almond oil as is needed. And, if he has none of the said almond oil made, take a great quantity of good and sweet almonds and clean them very well and wash them in three or four changes of lukewarm water and then put them to drain and dry out on a fair and clean table; and when they are well dried, take them to be ground on the fair stones on which one makes nut oils and have oil made from the said almonds; and, being done, put it in a very fair and good flask in which he keeps it, and then have the said spinach sautéed well and gently. And when it is ready let the doctor know, then let it be served to the lord.

69a. And if it happens that the doctor does not want to give the said green purée to the sick person, let the said spinach and parsley be prepared well and properly as is said above up to when he puts them in the pot, then take very good almonds as are necessary to him and let him clean, blanch, and wash them very well and put them to be brayed in a mortar - and that should neither smell nor taste of garlic: [Latin phrase having to do with the medical qualities of garlic and other things] - and let him bray them very well and moisten them with fair fresh water and pass them through a good and clean strainer; and make milk of them and put it in a fair pot. Then let him put it to boil very gently on a fair clear fire or good coals and put in a little bit of salt, and when the said milk boils put in the said spinach and a little almond oil and cook it well and properly. And when they are well cooked do as was said above to let the doctor know.


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