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This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

56. To give understanding to him who will make the mortoexes let him take the livers of kids and of veal and wash and clean them very well and put them to cook cleanly in fair water and, being sufficiently cooked, let him take them out onto fair and clean boards and drain them well and then chop them very small; and, being well chopped, put in herbs, that is sage and hyssop - and these in measure - and marjoram also and parsley also a great deal which should previously be picked over, cleaned, and washed, and chop them very well in with the liver, and also very good cheese and not too much, and also salt and spices: white ginger, grains of paradise, pepper and not too much, and saffron to give it color; and then take eggs and put them in. And mix all this together and then, when it boils, make the mortoexes : arrange that you have the cauls of kids and veal - and if there are not enough take the cauls of sheep - and be careful that they are fair and clean, then spread them on fair and clean boards and when they are spread take eggs and rub them on top; and, this being done, take the filling and put some on top and make your mortoeses just like raviolis; wrap them in the cauls and then put them to cook on the grill. And if he want to make them parti-colored, that is green and yellow, for the green according to the quantity which he wants to make let him take a great deal of parsley and take the leaves and clean and wash them very well, and then put them in a mortar and bray them very well and strongly, and then put in flour and eggs according to the quantity of it which he wants to make and then strain this very well and skillfully; and, this being done, take his mortoexes which he wants to make green and plunge them into the said green coloring and then return them to dry out on the grill; and, being sufficiently dried and made ready, let one serve the said mortoeses when it is time to serve them.


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