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This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

34. And to give understanding to him who will make the sorengue let him take his eels and clean the slime off them very well in fair hot water and then throw them in fair fresh water and wash them very well in three or four changes of water; and then, have your sideboard fair and clean and put them on it and then dress and prepare them well and cleanly and remove the viscera and cut them into fair slices; and, in slicing them, put the slices in fair fresh water and wash them very well and then put them to drain on the fair and clean sideboard; and according to the quantity which you have take a fair and clean pot or cauldron for cooking it in. And then take onions according to the quantity of eels which you have and peel, wash, and chop them well and properly; and then take good, fair and clean oil in a fair pan and sauté your onions a little, and then throw your eels on top and fry all this together over fair coals. And take white bread according to the quantity of potage which you have to make and cut it into fair slices and put it to roast on the grill so that it is well browned, and put it to soak in the purée of peas and with the strongest claret wine you have, and flavor it with a little vinegar; and then take your spices according to the quantity of your broth: cinnamon, ginger, grains of paradise, pepper, cloves, and strain this very well according to the quantity of your broth and throw in your eels; and salt and everything else in reason.


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