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This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

27. And to give understanding to him who will have the charge of preparing the lampreys, he should put them in a cornue or small cask according to the quantity which he has of them, and let them be in fair hot water; and clean the slime off them very well and scrape out the throat strongly with a good little knife so that there remain none of the little bones which are there, and split them below the throat, and take the bones out(?) - and take care that none remain; and then throw the said lampreys in fair fresh water and wash them very well and then put them on a fair table to drain. And then arrange that you have your fair and clean spits, and when you spit them arrange that you have the best claret wine which you can get, and arrange that you have fair and very clean pans and put under to catch the blood; and when the said lampreys are well and properly spitted wash them well and properly with the said good claret wine - and retain it and then put it with the blood and do not throw it away; and when you set them at the fire to roast take fair silver dishes or fair and clean pans and divide the said wine and blood among the said silver dishes or pans, and put as much in one as in another, and then put them under the said lampreys, and they will receive the drippings from which the sauce will be made. And while the said lampreys are roasting take white bread according to the quantity of the lampreys which you have, and put them to roast very well on the grill; and when they are very well roasted put them into the dishes or pans which are under the said lampreys; and then afterward take the said dishes or pans and put everything which is in them all together into a large and fair bowl, and if you consider that it does not have enough broth add more of the said claret wine until you have the quantity which you need. And then take your spices: white ginger, a great deal of cinnamon according to the quantity of the lampreys which there are, grains of paradise, cloves, nutmeg, mace, galingale and pepper - and not too much - and strain all of this very well, and put in vinegar according to the quantity of the sauce - and be careful of too much - and salt; and when this is well and properly strained take the fair and clean pan for boiling it, and in boiling arrange that you have an assistant who stirs it continually with a fair spoon so that there is no danger from the fire. And when the said sauce is boiled put it back in the bowl or in a cornue in which it can be, and then dress it out where one serves the lampreys.


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