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Jacobin Sops

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

18. And to serve jacobin sops it is necessary that you have your fair capons and, according to the quantity of the feast, one or two hundred well fattened capons, and a great deal of other poultry to serve in default of the said capons; and they should be well and properly roasted. And when the well fattened cattle are to be dismembered take the marrow bones and wash them well and carefully, then put them in to boil in fair and clean cauldrons, and fair mutton therewith; and then afterward arrange that you have a quintal [about 110 pounds] of very good Crampone and Brye cheese and of the finest which can be found, and have the said cheese pared and cleaned well and properly, and then cut it very small. And let the said cook who is ordered to make the said jacobin sops take two or three hundred loaves of fine white bread and slice this bread in fair thin slices and roast them very well and cleanly without burning, and let them be browned, and then put them into fair and clean cornues - and you should have two fair, clean, and white boards to slice your said roasted bread for the jacobin sops; and then you should have your serving dishes of gold and silver and pewter lined up, and allocate your bread among your dishes well and gently and the cheese on top. And take your capons and dismember them, that is take off the wings and legs and take off the rump; and then take the white meat of the said capon and slice it very small, and this white of the capon scatter on top of your jacobin sops; and then afterward take the limbs of the said capons, that is the wings, legs, and rump, and put on top of your jacobin sops in proper order. And take care that your broth of beef marrow and mutton is good and sweet, and strain this broth into a large, fair and clean pot; and you should have a good bunch of herbs of sage, parsley, marjoram, and hyssop, and let them be well cleaned and washed, and put into your broth. And arrange that close to the dressing, where you arrange the said jacobin sops for serving, you have a good fire of charcoal under your pots in which is your broth so that it always boils; and with the said broth cover your said jacobin sops.


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