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Sops Of hares

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

17. At the beginning of the sops of hares it is necessary that the hares be skinned well and cleanly, and scorch(?) them over a fair clear fire, and then split them well and carefully, and take out the refuse; and be advised that for those which are whole one splits the gut and takes away the liver within, and removes from it the gall, and washes them well in very good claret wine; and those which are torn by dogs should be scorched and cleaned and washed in fair small casks in fair fresh water, and those which are not torn should be cut up in fair pieces and put in a fair and clean pot. And then take fair beef broth and also take some of the wine in which one has washed the said hares, and strain it through a fair strainer, and then pour it in with the said meat of hares, and fill your pot as much with broth as with good claret wine. And take a good piece of bacon from a good place and clean it and wash it very well and parboil it a little, and then throw it in; and according to the broth which there is put in whole sage well washed and verjuice, and salt in reason, the spices cinnamon, ginger, grains of paradise, pepper, cloves. And let it boil until it is time to dress it; and, if it would cook too much, let it be drawn back while putting your meat out into fair and clean cornues. And you should have a great deal of fine white bread, and slice a full bowl of it to make sops of hares.


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