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Chyvrolee Of venison

This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

13. The chyvrolee of venison: to give understanding to him who will make it, let him take his deer and cut it up into fair pieces and wash it very well and put to cook in a fair cauldron full of clean water; and when it boils skim it cleanly and, as soon as you have skimmed it, take it out and put it into fair fresh water in a small cask and wash it very well immediately, and then put it to drain on fair boards or in fair small casks. And then afterward take a great deal of good lard and lard all your pieces well and properly with it; and then, when they are all larded, put them back to cook in a fair, clean, and large cauldron or pot according to the quantity of it which you have; and then take beef or mutton broth and put into the said cauldron or pot up to the middle of the said cauldron or pot, and then take very good wine and put therewith. And then take your spices, white ginger, grains of paradise, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, mace, and cloves, and put in your broth, and everything in good proportion; and then take sage, parsely, hyssop and marjoram and clean them well and properly, and make of them a good bunch and put to cook in your broth and see that it tastes well of verjuice and spices. And then take to your sideboard.


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