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This is an excerpt from Du fait de cuisine
(France, 1420 - Elizabeth Cook, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

12. For the tremollete, to give understanding to him who will make it, take a great deal of gizzards and livers of poultry according to the quantity which there are, and prepare them very well and cleanly and put them in a pot, and beef or mutton broth to restore(?) them; and then spit them on little wooden spits and then put them to roast on fair coals. Then take bread according to the quantity of the sauce which you ought to make and slice it into fair slices and put them to roast on the grill; and then when your bread is well roasted take of beef or mutton broth the quantity which you want, and check the salt so that it is not too salty; and then take good wine and verjuice, and put this and the bread in with the broth in a fair cornue or bowl. And then afterward take your gizzards and livers and put them in a mortar and bray them very well and moisten them with the broth in which your bread is soaked; and then take out of the mortar your gizzards and livers and put them into the broth in which your bread is soaked. And then take spices: white ginger, cinnamon,grains of paradise, a little pepper - and it should not be too much - nutmeg, mace, and cloves, and check well that of these spices you put each in only in measure; and then put it to boil in a fair and clean pot, and then put in sugar and not so much that it takes away the taste of the verjuice because it should not be over-sweet. And then afterward bring to the sideboard your roast partridges in the quantity which you have, and then let the stewards come to devise how many one puts on each serving dish to serve kings, dukes, counts - that is six partridges on one dish, on another five, on another four, and on another three; and on top, the said tremollete. And then afterward be well provided with two hundred best chickens and young poultry to serve in addition in default of partridges.


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