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Flownys In Lente

This is an excerpt from MS Douce 257
(England, 1381)
The original source can be found at

Flownys in lente. Tak god flowr & make a god past; & tak god mylk of almandys & flowr of rys oþer of amydoun & boyle hem togedere þat þey be wel chariand. Wan yt is boylid þykke take yt vp & ley yt on a feyre bord so þat yt be cold, & wan þe cofyns ben makyd tak a perty & do vpon þe coffyns, & kerf hem in schiueris; & do in hem god mylk of almandys & figys & datys & kerf yt in fowre pertyis, & do yt to bake & serue yt forþ.


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