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Poum Dorroge

This is an excerpt from MS Douce 257
(England, 1381)
The original source can be found at

Poum dorroge. Tak pertrichis wit longe filettis of pork al raw & hak hem wel smale, and after bray hem in a morter. & wan þey be wel brayd do þereto god plente of poudere & olkys of eyryn. & after mak þereof a farsure formed of þe gretnesse of a onyoun, & after do it boyle in god breþ of buf oþer of pork. After lat yt kele, & after do it on a broche of hasel & do hem to þe fere to roste. & after mak god bature | of floure & egges, on bature wyt & an oþere elow & do þereto god plente of sugur & tak a feþere or a styk & tak of þe bature & peynte þereon aboue þe applyn so þat on be wyt & þat oþere elow wel colourd.


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