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This is an excerpt from MS Douce 257
(England, 1381)
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Maumene. Tak þe þyys oþer þe flesch of þe caponys. Seþe hem & kerf hem smal into a morter & tak mylk of almandys wyþ broþ of fresch buf, & do þe flesch in þe mylk or in þe broþ & do yt to þe fyre, & myng yt togedere wyþ flour of rys oþere of wastelys als charchant als þe Blank de Sure, & wyþ þe olkys of eyryn for to make yt olow, & safroun. & wan yt ys dressyd in dysches wyþ Blank de Sure, straw vpon clowys of gelofre & straw vpon powdre of galentyn, & serue yt forþe.


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