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9 - How To Candy rosemary-flowers

This is an excerpt from Delights for Ladies
(England, 1609)
The original source can be found at Kirrily Robert's website

9 - How to candy Rosemary-flowers, Rose-leaves, Roses, Marigolds, &c. with preservation of colour. Dissolve refined or double refined sugar, or sugar-candy itself in a little Rose water: boil it to a reasonable height: put in your roots of flowers when your sirup is eyther fully cold, or almost cold: let them rest therein till the sirup have pearced them sufficiently: then take out your flowers with a skimmer, suffering the loose sirup to runne from them so long as it will: boyle that sirup a little more, and put in more flowers, as before; divide them also; then boil all the sirup which remaineth, and is not drunk up in the flowers, to the height of manus Christi, putting in more sugar if you see cause, but no more Rose-water, put in your flowers therein when your sirup is cold, or almost cold, and let them stand till they candy.


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