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5 - A Singular Manner Of Making The Sirup Of roses

This is an excerpt from Delights for Ladies
(England, 1609)
The original source can be found at Kirrily Robert's website

5 - A Singular manner of making the sirup of Roses. Fill a silver Bason three quarters full of rain-water or Rose-water: put therein a convenient proportion of Rose-leaves: cover the bason and set it upon a pot of hot water (as we usually bae a custard) in 3 quarters of an houre, or one whole houre at the most, you shall purchase the whole strength and tincture of the rose: then take out those leaves, wringing out all their liquor gently, and steepe more fresh leaves in the same water: continue this iteration seven times, and then make it up in a sirup: and this sirup worketh more kindly than that which is made meerly of the iuice of the Rose. You may make sundry other sirups in this manner. Quare of hanging a pewter head over the bason, if the ascending water will be worth the keeping.


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