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4 - A Most Excellent Sirup Of violets

This is an excerpt from Delights for Ladies
(England, 1609)
The original source can be found at Kirrily Robert's website

4 - A most excellent sirup of Violets, both in taste and tincture. Expresse the juyce of clipt Violets, and to three parts of juyce take one fourth part of conduit water: put the same into an Alablaster mortar, with the leaves which you have stamped, and wriing the same out thorow a cloth, as you id at first, into the other juyce: put thereto a sufficient proportion of the finest sugar and brought also into a most fine powder: let the same stand 10 or 12 houres in a cleane blased earthen pan: then drain away the cleerest, and put it into a glasse, and put thereto a few drops of the juice of Lemmons, and it will become cleer, transparent, and of the violet colour. Then you may expresse more juyce into the sugar, which will settle in the bottome, with some of the thickest part of the juyce: and beating the same upon a bentle fire, it will also become a good sirup of violets, but not comparable to the first. By this manner of work you gaine one quarter of sirup, more than diverse Apothecaries doe.


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