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2 - To Boile A capon In White broth

This is an excerpt from Delights for Ladies
(England, 1609)
The original source can be found at Kirrily Robert's website

2 - To boile a Capon in white broth. Boile your Capon by it selfe in faire water: then take a ladlefull or two of Mutton broth, and a little white wine, a little whole Mace, a bundle of sweet herbs, a little marrow: thicken it with Almonds: season it with sugar & a little verjuice: boile a few Currans by themselves, and a Date quartered, lest you discolour your broth, and put it on the breast of your Capon, Chicken, or Rabbet: if you have no Almonds, thicken it with creame, or with yolks of eggs, garnish your dishes on the sides with a Lemmon sliced, and sugar.


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