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24 - To Make Puffe-paste

This is an excerpt from Delights for Ladies
(England, 1609)
The original source can be found at Kirrily Robert's website

24 - To make puffe-paste. Take a quart of the finest flowre ,and the whites of three egges, and the yolks of two, & a little cold water, and so make it into perfect paste: then drive it with a rowling pin abroad: then put on small peeces of butter, as big as nuts, upon it: then fold it over: then drive it abroad again: then put small peeces of button upon it, as you did before: doe this ten times, alwaies folding the paste, and putting butter between every fold. You may convey any preetty forced dish, as Florentin, Cherry-tart, Rise, or Pippins, &c, between two sheets of that paste.


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