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Blaunch Desorre

This is an excerpt from Recipes from John Crophill's Commonplace Book
(England, 1485)
The original source can be found at

Blaunch Desorre. Mak gode melk of swete almaundes & skerve the rys & do hem in a morter & grynd hem & tempre hem up with almaunde melk & draw it thorow a cloth & do it in a pot & set it on the fyer & stire it wel tak braun of capouns & do awey the skyn & the bonys & hewe it & grynd it & tempre it up with wyn & wan thi pot hayth wel boylled do ther inne of wyth ginger & tak it fro the fyer & lye it with grounde fleysch & do ther inne qwyth salt & sugre & tast it & loke that it be owerte of savour & poynaunt of the wyth ginger & loke that the thre savours a cor den ilk with othyr & dresse it & plante it with poumgarnett & gelofres.


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