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41. Ein Condimentelin (a Condiment)

This is an excerpt from Ein Buch von guter spise
(Germany, ca. 1345 - Alia Atlas, trans.)
The original source can be found at

41. Ein condimentelin (A condiment). Nim rintfleisch alz ez erst zu kumt. siudez mot. saltzez wol. Nim aschlauch und minzen dar zu. dez krutes nim genue. laz ez wol sieden in eime veisten sode. und reiz swie du wilt. und gibz hin.

Take beef as it first comes (possibly veal, or beef right after being slaughtered) Boil it down. Salt it well. Take shallots and mince thereto. Take enough of herbs. Let it boil well in a broth. And season as you want and give out.


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