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To Bake venison Of Red deere.

This is an excerpt from A Book of Cookrye
(England, 1591)
The original source can be found at Mark and Jane Waks' website

To bake Venison of red Deere. Laye it in water, and then wash it very clean out of the water, if it be clean draw it with Larde, then take meale and sift it, and take faire licour and let it boile, & make your paste with that, then take Beefe suet, mince it and beate it, drive out your paste very thick, close it and let it bake six houres when it is half baked, take Cloves & mace and Vinagre, and so boile them togither, put them into your redde Deere, at a little hole made for that purpose. And when you have so doon, stop the hole with some of the same dough, and then set it in againe untill it be inough.


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