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How To Make Tostes.

This is an excerpt from A Book of Cookrye
(England, 1591)
The original source can be found at Mark and Jane Waks' website

How to make Tostes. Take the Kidneye of Vele when it is rosted, and chop it very fine, then take and put it in a dish, put in the yolks of three egs, put in Sinamon, Ginger and sugar, take a a little Rosewater and put to it, take white bread and cut it like diamonds, and toste a little, set all your stuffe on a Chafingdishe with Coles, and stirre it and spread it upon the Tostes, take the yolke of an Egge, and with a fether baste them over, then bake them in a pan and set them in a dishe, and cast Sugar on them.


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