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An Extraordinary Stuffed rabbit

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

An Extraordinary Stuffed Rabbit. Separate it at the joints, then take the meat from its legs and back, called the lunbâl (loin), and add the meat of another rabbit and pound it well in a mortar. Add to this onion juice, murri, clove, spices, and all that is put in meatballs. Take the bones and other parts and put them in a pot, pour over them two spoonfuls of vinegar, the like of oil, one spoon of murri, peeled almonds, pine-nuts, citron leaves, fennel stalks, an onion, a clove of peeled garlic, sprigs of thyme, "eyes" of rue, and a dirham's weight of saffron. Cook it with sufficient water until it is done, and then take out everything from the pot. Take the bones of the thighs and the lunbâl, clothe them with the ground meat, and make meatballs of the rest. Throw all this carefully into the pot. Take two egg yolks, after boiling, and dress them with the meat as well, and throw them into the pot. When all is done and the greater part of the broth has evaporated, crumble crumbs of cold bread and a little flour of fine wheat. Dissolve that with one spoonful of the rest of the stuffing together with eight or ten eggs, and sprinkle on it sufficient salt and spices, and fry the parts removed from the pot until they are browned. Then return them to the pot and fry the meatballs and the eggs covered with meat likewise. Then cover all the contents of the pot with eggs and throw in the rest of the oil that was in the frying pan. Rebuild a moderate fire, and stir [or agitate] from the sides of the pot carefully until the stuffing is done and wrinkled and the broth departs. Then take the parts and arrange them on a dish in which citron leaves have been arranged, and sprinkle the stuffing over it. Then put the rest of the parts in the dish with the rest of the stuffing. Then garnish the dish with the fried meatballs, and split the meat-clad yolks and put among the meatballs and sprinkle the rest of the stuffing between them, with almonds, pine-nuts, and minced cloves of garlic. Cut rue over it, sprinkle it with fine spices, and present it. If you omit the saffron and garlic, add a spoonful of cilantro juice and increase the murri a little, another dish will result.


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