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Recipe For A Dish Of olives

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Recipe for a Dish of Olives. Clean a partridge and put it in a pot with salt, coriander, pepper, garbanzos, Chinese cinnamon, and all the spices, two spoonfuls of oil, a little water, citron leaves and fennel stalks. Make small meatballs from its breast and cook them in the pot. When it has boiled some three times, take it out to the hearthstone. Take stalks of Swiss chard or orach [aka French spinach] and cut them in quarters, make a bundle of them, tie them with a string, and place them in the pot with ten olives. Skin cheese, cut it in small pieces and boil it in oil until it is browned, and throw it in the pot. Take out two or three meatballs and pound them in a mortar, and break three eggs over them, cook their yolks in the pot, and beat the eggs with a little white flour. Cover the contents of the pot with it and stir it at the sides until the dough is cooked and the surface of the pot stands out. Then put it in a dish, garnish it with its meatballs, eggyolks, pieces of cheese and olives, sprinkle it with fine spices, and present it, God willing.


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