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Preparation Of Zulâbiyya

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Preparation of Zulâbiyya. Knead fine flour and add water little by little until the dough is slack. Let it be lighter than the dough for musahhada. Leave it in a pot near the fire until it rises. You will know it is done when you tap on the side of the pot with your finger. If you hear a thick, dense sound, it has risen. Then put a frying-pan on the fire with plenty of oil, and when the oil boils, take this runny batter and put it in a vessel with a pierced bottom. Put your finger over the hole; then raise your hand over the frying pan and quickly remove your finger. The batter will run out through the holes into the frying-pan, while you are turning your hand in circles, forming rings, lattices and so on, according to the custom of making it. Be careful that the oil is not too little or too cool, or the batter will stick to the pan, but let it be abundant and boiling. When it is done, take it out carefully and throw it in skimmed spiced honey, and he who wishes it tinted and colored may add to some of the batter the juice of brazilwood or gum-lac, or juice of madder or saffron, or juice of tender green fennel, or juice of fox grape. When the honey has absorbed this, remove it on crossed woods to the mu'assal dish until it drains and nothing remains on it except what it holds inside. And take up the zulâbiyya...
[recipe breaks off at page break; beginning of p. 70, recto, is middle of another recipe]
...[words missing; upper right corner of this page is cut off for 7 lines]... and put it in fresh milk. Add to it eggs in the amount of ..[words missing]... frying pan with much oil, and when the oil has boiled, empty out ...[words missing]... your hand and it will make the shape of a ring on which you can put a stamp ...[words missing]... immediately. Drown it in warm honey, free [of scum] ...[words missing]...
[line, probably title, missing because of rent in page]
... in a tajine. Remove its scum and wash it with water until it sticks together and ...[words missing]... half a ratl and of oil another half. Stir it until it is done and take it from the fire. Put it in a big clay dish. Then add a half ratl of white, ground sugar.


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