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'asîda Which Fortifies And Nourishes Much And Fattens

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

'Asîda Which Fortifies and Nourishes Much and Fattens. Take two ratls of clarified honey, cleaned of its scum. Add oil and fresh clarified butter, a quarter ratl of each, and put it on a gentle fire. When it has boiled, put in the heart of pure leavened bread, grated, as much as is needed, and peeled and pounded almonds, and the yolks of ten eggs. Stir it and do not neglect stirring it until the oil disperses and it melts and thickens. Then take it from the fire and leave it to cool and use it like 'asida, after dusting it with ground sugar and whatever you like of the different kinds of fats.


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