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Recipe For Tharîd Shabât

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Recipe for Tharîd Shabât. You make shabât with white flour kneaded with sourdough and you cook it over the hot ashes at home or in the tannur oven over a gentle fire, without overdoing the cooking. Then take a fat chicken and boil it; stuff it with its innards and pounded meat, beaten egg, pepper, coriander, onion and oil. Add meatballs and cook it until it is done. Break eggs in it and estimate the amount of sauce that the shabat will soak up. Then pour the sauce over it and decorate it with the meatballs. Dot it with egg yolks; put the stuffed chicken on top, and pour melted butter over it, removing the froth, and serve it. With wheat, you can make whatever dishes you want and might find delicious, dishes that everyone will relish, especially in winter and on cold days.


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